Technical Retro-Commissioning

Commissioning Concepts provides Technical Retro-Commissioning of facility systems to improve the performance of the existing systems and to lower energy and water usage. Technical Retro-Commissioning is the lowest cost method to improve actual building performance available. Some commissioning firms provide energy audits disguised as Retro-Commissioning projects, but these energy audits do not provide any correction or immediate benefit from the results of the study. 

A true Retro-Commissioning project will include the following activities which provide immediate benefits to the building owner:


  • Creation of a Current Facility Requirements (CFR) document that describes the intent of the Owner for the Retro-Commissioning project and the intended improvements for the building and its systems
  • Perform a basic system design review 
  • Perform a Level 1 energy audit for energy and water use
  • Perform systems inspections for the discovery of systems performance and operability issues.
  • Determine the root cause of the issue
  • Correct any deferred maintenance issues discovered
  • Test control systems and their sequences for best operation to intended goals
  • Test and re-calibrate any controlling sensors or terminal units
  • Test existing air and water flows for best operation to intended goals
  • Create a list of capital improvements for future performance enhancement and future energy and water reductions
  • Perform cost budgets and savings calculations and ROI calculations for recommendations 
  • Provide or review performance tracking system
  • Train operators for the persistence of the systems for performance
  • Provide final Retro-Commissioning report