Building Performance Review - May 2018

Arizona National Guard - Peace Vanguard Detachment

The Arizona National Guard, Peace Vanguard Detachment Building is a 33,600 square foot training facility which has offices, shops and hangar space for repair & maintenance of rotary wing aircraft. 

The building was experiencing severe functionality issues for space comfort, energy usage and equipment failure.

Commissioning Concepts performed technical retro-commissioning of the HVAC & Control systems and the building enclosure. The effort included discovery of the root causes of the lack of performance and provided remediation by control system repair, test and balance of the systems, repair of the enclosure and management and commissioning of HVAC system repairs. 

This effort solved the observed functionality issues of the building.

Technical Retro-Commisssioning (RCx)

Technical Retro-Commissioning differs from normal Existing Building Commissioning in that the commissioner actually provides adjustment, corrections and improvements during the retro-commissioning effort to actually improve the building's performance. Most normal retro-commissioning (or existing building commissioning) efforts are just an expanded energy audit with no actual testing or improvements to the facilities systems. 

Technical Retro-Commissioning includes:

  • Detecting root cause of system poor performance
  • Correction of deferred maintenance issues
  • Testing of energy and water using systems
  • Test & Balance of out of balance systems
  • Control system testing and calibration
  • Control sequence adjustment or correction
  • Review or implementation of a performance tracking system
  • Operations review and operator training

Commissioning Concepts provides Technical Retro-Commissioning services for any type of facility.