Technical Commissioning

Commissioning Concepts is dedicated to providing Technical services that assist a building owner in achieving improved indoor environmental quality and improving energy and water usage efficiency. 


We provide Whole Building Commissioning and are NEBB certified in commissioning for each of the following building systems: 


  • HVAC Systems Commissioning
  • Control Systems Commissioning
  • Building Enclosure Commissioning
  • Plumbing Systems Commissioning
  • Fire Protection Systems Commissioning
  • Refrigeration Systems Commissioning
  • Electrical Power and Emergency Power Systems Commissioning
  • Lighting and Lighting Control Systems Commissioning
  • Fire Alarm Systems Commissioning
  • Security Systems Commissioning
  • Communications Systems Commissioning
  • Vertical Transportation Systems Commissioning

LEED Sustainable Building Commissioning Services

We are experienced in providing LEED Building Commissioning for all building systems. We have performed both Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning for all LEED versions, including version 4. 

Our Fundamental commissioning expertise includes:

  • Commissioning Plan and Commissioning project coordination
  • Contractor QC program paperwork for all disciplines. Includes both paper based or automated cloud based systems or may be implemented on project management software systems, such as BIM 360. 
  • Systems installation inspections for compliance to performance requirements
  • Control system testing 
  • Acceptance Testing and Functional Testing & System Optimization
  • Owner Training and Performance Tracking systems

Our enhanced commissioning expertise includes:

  • Option 1, Path 1 which is basic enhanced commissioning
  • Option 1, Path 2 which is monitoring based commissioning
  • Path 2 which is enclosure commissioning

Our numerous LEED Commissioning projects range from LEED Certified to LEED Platinum facilities for both new construction and existing buildings.

Title 24 Commissioning

Commissiosioning Concepts performs new building commissioning in accordance with the State of California Title 24 requirements.