NEBB Certified Building Enclosure Testing


NEBB Certified Building Enclosure Testing

Commissioning Concepts is a NEBB certified Building Enclosure Testing contractor with over 5 years of experience in testing building enclosures. Our lead BET technician is also a Certified Thermographer. 

  • We provide a complete Testing Plan that describes how the building is to be testing, the testing parameters and how the building needs to be prepared for the test.
  • We provide all required test gear including blower doors, manometers, etc. 
  • We provide experienced certified testing technicians who perform all test parameters and report the results of the test.
  • We provide a complete report which indicates the test compliance to the specified standard and shows the associated math and log graphs of the test results to a 95% certainty of accuracy.

Whole Building Pressure Testing

Commissioning Concepts will assist the design professional or the owner in developing the test  specification and test parameters to adhere to ASTM E779, ASTM E1827 or the Army Core of Engineers Building Pressure testing guideline.

Water Intrusion Testing

Water intrusion testing is used to test the building transition areas between walls, doors and windows for water intrusion. The process sprays a calibrated stream of water on the exterior of the area while the building is kept at a negative pressure of 50 Pa. 

Thermal Barrier Testing

Thermal imaging is used to verify the presence of air leaks, the effectives of the insulation barrier or the presence of water intrusion.

Roof Leakage Testing

Roof leak testing utilizes thermal and conductance leak tests. 

Functional Testing

Functional testing of automated enclosure systems, automatic doors and windows and automatic ventilation systems.