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Commissioning Concepts

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Retro Commissioning is the process of optimizing all technical aspects of a building. Building systems that are normally included are:

  • Air Conditioning Systems

  • Heating Systems

  • Control System

  • Lighting Systems

  • Lighting Control Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Building Envelope

Commissioning Concepts approach to Retro-Commissioning combines the experience of our technical and engineering staff with that of the Owner's staff to provide Full Scope Retro-Commissioning Services at the lowest possible cost. This combined task force provides a technical Retro-Commissioning process that Actually Delivers True Results instead of the paper-based commissioning process of our competitors.

Retro Commissioning Discovery

Each system is inspected and tested to discover the operational deficiencies to provide the required repair or solution. The Retro-Commissioning process will discover any deficiency caused by:

  • Deferred maintenance

  • Incorrect or inadequate system design

  • Construction deficiencies

  • Inoperable control sequences

  • incorrect design control sequences

  • Malfunctioning systems or components

  • Air and Water Balance deficiencies

Our capabilities include design investigation, re-design, construction deficiency investigation, system troubleshooting, system correction, system testing and adjusting, control system troubleshooting, and operator training.


Benefits of Retro Commissioning

  • Improved temperature control

  • Improved humidity control

  • Improved IAQ

  • Improved lighting effect

  • Lower energy usage

  • Lower water usage

  • Improved future operation

  • Increased value of facility

  • Satisfied tenants


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